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Stay at Blachford

Blachford Lake Lodge is located in the rugged wilderness of Northern Canada, in superb Aurora-watching country. Perched on a rock knoll overlooking Blachford Lake, it is a half-hour bush-plane from the city of Yellowknife, the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories.  Many miles from roads, or national suppliers of electricity and water, our lodge nonetheless provides many of the benefits of a luxury hotel, with the priceless addition of a pristine wilderness environment, unpolluted by artificial light or noise, the perfect setting for watching the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights). Read more on our page dedicated to the Aurora and Aurora-watching.

Here are some reasons why Blachford Lake Lodge is a great location to see the Aurora and to experience a Northern outdoor adventure:

  1. Yellowknife is located right underneath the auroral oval, the best place to be for aurora watching.
  2. We are only accessible by bush plane on skis in the winter and floats in the summer; there are no roads to BLL. Due to our remote location there is no light pollution from nearby towns, cities, cabins, or road traffic.
  3. View the northern lights at BLL all night long! There is no need to bus or car from a town based hotel to an aurora viewing location and back to a hotel --- limiting yourself to only a few hours of viewing time.
  4. We have it all in one location -- Aurora watching, outdoor activities, and true Canadian wilderness adventures just a few steps away from your room or cabin, and all our amenities.
  5. At BLL you can view the aurora from the comfort of your own room, from the dining room and lounge areas, from two aurora viewing decks, the hot tub or sauna deck, from the tipi, or anywhere outside close to your lodge room or cabin. In the winter, walk onto the lake for a 360° view of the sky! On a calm summer night, watch the aurora being reflected in the water!
  6. We are true wilderness --you won’t seen anyone other than fellow lodge guests and staff while you are a guest with us.  

Blachford Lake Lodge was acquired in 1981 by the current owner, Canadian and long time Yellowknife-resident Mike Freeland, who has been committed throughout to conserving the area’s land, water and natural resources.  Comprising just one cabin initially, Mike has since added four more guest cabins and, in 1999, the custom-designed lodge, built from locally harvested spruce, and incorporating solar panels,   The lodge building is oriented so that the roof overhang and half the windows face south. This provides shade in the summer and heat through the windows in the winter. A tour of the lodge facilities is part of your Blachford stay.

Our guest facilities include free wireless internet, hot tub, sauna, and Aurora-watch wake-up service.  Unusually for a remote lodge accessible from Yellowknife, our main building includes running hot water and showers, as well as comfortable hotel-style toilets. Full details of our  hotel rooms inside the lodge, as well as our rustic cabins can be found on our accommodation page.    These log cabins provide a special blend of comfort and adventure, taking you back to the days of the fur-trappers, European pioneers and indigenous peoples who helped make northern Canada the vibrant, yet still timeless place that it is today.  

Your visit to Blachford begins with thrilling step back into Canada’s history: a 20-minute bush-plane flight from Yellowknife, landing on Blachford Lake, in an aircraft equipped with skis in winter, or floats in the summer. Read about the exciting bush-plane flight from Yellowknife.